And there’s a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear…

couple posing for wedding - Kari & Camron's first dance

A peaceful moment.


This couple really gets around (in a good way, of course). She’s from Kansas and he’s from Nevada, they met in Baltimore, and got married in California. Whew! It’s a wonder they ever found each other, so I guess it was meant to be. And lucky for us they live in Memphis, and we got the privilege of working on Kari & Camron’s first dance. 

wedding party posing on beach - Kari & Camron's first dance

I love the attitude in this shot!


It’s my contention that the human brain doesn’t process opposites well. Notice how they struggled at first with swiveling in different directions. It’s like that for almost everyone. But then something just clicks, and it all falls into place.


Kari & Camron Prepare For Their First Dance


We inserted a move that we usually just call the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, and Kari cracked up and said, “I can’t do that in front of my dad!” She did it, but it’s pretty quick, so see if you can spot it.


Kari & Camron’s First Dance

Thanks to the dream team for Kari & Camron’s First Dance!

Venue:  The Resort at Squaw Creek  (Olympic Valley, CA)

Photographer:  Mandy Ford Photography

Videographer:  Lake Full of Pictures 

Wedding Planner:  Jenn Lazon 



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Just thinkin’ bout…




This couple is plenty adventurous (They snowboarded into their wedding!), but one of the first things Janelle said to us was, “We both hate dancing in public.” Well I guess we created a monster (two actually), because by the time the wedding rolled around they had learned not only their first dance choreography, but also some push-pull, merengue, and salsa. They were actually looking forward to dancing at the reception!


Learning how to not hate dancing!


And he still sweeps her off of her feet!


Fresh as a Ocean Breeze

This couple just proves the old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You see, while they were taking lessons one of them was living in Memphis and the other in St. Louis. Talk about dedication! Completing this routine took a lot of planning, but it was all worth it when they had their gorgeous and romantic first dance on the beach at sunset.

Teamwork gets it done.
Tropical perfection!