It’s the biggest decision I’m about to get right…

Bride and groom in field with mountains in distance.

Could you find a more beautiful location?


We loved working on Sarah & Jason’s first dance. There is nothing flashy about this couple, but boy is there a lot of substance. Among other things they’re both whip smart, adventurous, and philanthropic. Their rustic wedding at a ranch in Colorado suited them perfectly, and their first dance to I Choose You showed off their athleticism and charm. My only teeny tiny regret? That no one would see Sarah’s crazy beautiful legs under the wedding gown!


Lift during Sarah & Jason’s first dance

Sarah & Jason’s first dance had to have a lift!

Couple laughing


Oblique line in Sarah & Jason’s first dance


Practicing a dip in Sarah & Jason’s first dance


Small details can make a huge difference in how a dance looks and feels. Notice how often a seemingly small adjustment changed everything. And since they both took direction wonderfully, their improvement was usually rapid.


Hands on feedback!


Sarah and Jason also ticked all the boxes for a great first dance – start early, practice often, cooperate – and it shows in how polished they look.

[Apologies for the poor quality video, but you can still see how great they did.]

Thanks to the dream team!

Photographer: Taylor Jones Photography

Wedding Planner:  Cynthia Zipperly

Band: Raising Cain

[Note: Although they did play for the first dance, due to technical issues the audio in the video isn’t them.]

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If the bride and groom are both from Texas, you might expect the first dance to be a two-step. What you might not expect though, is for it to also be sweet and romantic. Count this a win for lace and cowboy boots!


The very first lesson.


First dance Texas style!

(And a little snippet of Stephen and his mom)


Did you enjoy your lessons?



You are the best thing…

… that ever happened to me.




Some couples are just cute, and this one definitely is. Just look at them! And being laid-back and willing to laugh at themselves also made them fun and easy to teach. It was an honor to be there to see it all come together on that beautiful fall evening.


The bloopers reel!


The big moment!