Downtown Memphis Couples Class

October 16, 2020

Couples posing after downtown memphis couples class


It was another gorgeous night for our second Downtown Memphis Couples Class. We tried to offer something for every mood by starting with simple swing (fun), easing into rumba (sexy), and wrapping it up with waltz (elegant). Adding a few twists and turns made for a little challenge and a lot of fun.

Couple dancing a turn at downtown memphis couples class


Couple dancing a push-pull basic at downtown memphis couples class


All the participants did a great job, and we found out afterward that we even had a celebrity in our midst. Miss Black Tennessee International Ambassador 2020 now has a new skill in her repertoire!


Couple dancing a turn

Special thanks to the Downtown Memphis Commission for allowing us to use the space. They even pressure washed it before our arrival, so everything was spic and span.


Couple learning to dance

And this couple deserves a special shout out because they attended our spring class and came back for more!


night shot of couple dancing at downtown memphis couples class

night shot of couple dancing

couple doing a dip at downtown memphis couples class

Thanks also to Wendy Adams who was cruising downtown with her camera that night and caught some great action shots.

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You’re just too good to be true…








These two cuties were sweet and easy to work with and I could listen to her lilting Trinidadian accent all day. And as if that wasn’t enough, sometimes they brought their adorable fur baby to watch!



…makes the dream work.






And I get to kiss you baby just because I can …

How do you maintain a relationship long distance? Well this couple could probably give us all some pointers, because while they were planning their wedding, he was living here in Memphis and she was nearly 250 miles away in medical school. And they even managed to fit in dance lessons so they could have a first dance as gorgeous as they are.  Score another one for the power of love!

Taking the time to learn together.


Worth it!


3 Dances Everyone Should Know How to Do


All right, if I’m honest, I think you should know a lot more than three dances. But in general, you need at least three: one for slow music, one for fast music, and one for intermediate tempos. So here are three very handy dances that will fit the bill for almost any occasion.

Not every studio teaches slow lounge, but it works beautifully for those slow songs that will inevitably be playing for the first half-hour or so of any event (wedding reception, class reunion, charity gala). It can be relaxed and friendly, sensual and romantic, or even a little campy, depending on the song and the mood of the couple dancing. In fact, many engaged couples will learn it for their first dance and then also use it for the father-daughter or mother-son dance. It’s that versatile!


Swing is a big umbrella that includes several dances (many of them regional), but the simplest is push-pull. It’s fast and fun, making it a go to dance for parties. Unlike most forms of swing (which use a syncopated 6-count rhythm), push-pull has a simple four beat pattern, making it easier to learn and to lead. It’s also less taxing than its more complex cousins, and therefore appropriate for almost any age or fitness level.


And then there is rumba. At first glance it’s not an obvious choice, since it’s traditionally a Latin dance, but the rumba rhythm can be found in oldies, pop, and even country music. The basic movement is a simple box-step that anyone can learn. From there you can add a few simple patterns for social dancing, or develop a sophisticated repertoire of wraps, turns, Latin motion, and styling.


So, these are my choices for the three dances everyone should know. What are yours?


Independence Day 2017 – Show & Party

July 7, 2017                                                                                                        Rumba ♦ East Coast Swing ♦ Salsa

Uncle Sam I Am!






Philinese & Jesse

Living in America by James Brown


Cat & Jim

East Coast Swing
Coming to America by Neil Diamond


Ava & Jesse

Freedom by Pharrell Williams


Party Montage

2016 Summer Show

August 26, 2016                         

Rumba ♦ Waltz ♦ Tango/West Coast ♦ Salsa









Margaret & Larry

So Nice by Astrud Gilberto


Ava & Jesse

Wonderful World of the Young by Andy Williams


Philinese & Jim

Tango/West Coast Swing
Jezebel by Ricky Martin


Cat & Jesse


Tricky Tricky by Lou Bega