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Cat’s Ballroom Contact Information, Location, and Calendar









45 N BB King Blvd, Suite 105, Memphis, TN 38103



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view of cat's ballroom from corner of BB King and Court - contact information


We’re located on BB King Boulevard, between Court and Jefferson. It’s a one-way street (we’re on the left), and there is usually parking on either side. The parking meters take coins or credit cards and the printed ticket should be placed on your dash on the sidewalk side. Parking is free after 6:00 PM and all day Sunday.




Although we’re happy to answer any questions you may have, you may also want to check out our Lessons page for information on the types of lessons and classes we offer, or our Frequently Asked Questions page where you’ll find a variety of topics covered. And of course, if you visit the About Us page, you’ll know who you’re talking to when you call.