And there’s a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear…

couple posing for wedding - Kari & Camron's first dance

A peaceful moment.


This couple really gets around (in a good way, of course). She’s from Kansas and he’s from Nevada, they met in Baltimore, and got married in California. Whew! It’s a wonder they ever found each other, so I guess it was meant to be. And lucky for us they live in Memphis, and we got the privilege of working on Kari & Camron’s first dance. 

wedding party posing on beach - Kari & Camron's first dance

I love the attitude in this shot!


It’s my contention that the human brain doesn’t process opposites well. Notice how they struggled at first with swiveling in different directions. It’s like that for almost everyone. But then something just clicks, and it all falls into place.


Kari & Camron Prepare For Their First Dance


We inserted a move that we usually just call the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, and Kari cracked up and said, “I can’t do that in front of my dad!” She did it, but it’s pretty quick, so see if you can spot it.


Kari & Camron’s First Dance

Thanks to the dream team for Kari & Camron’s First Dance!

Venue:  The Resort at Squaw Creek  (Olympic Valley, CA)

Photographer:  Mandy Ford Photography

Videographer:  Lake Full of Pictures 

Wedding Planner:  Jenn Lazon 



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It’s the biggest decision I’m about to get right…

Bride and groom in field with mountains in distance.

Could you find a more beautiful location?


We loved working on Sarah & Jason’s first dance. There is nothing flashy about this couple, but boy is there a lot of substance. Among other things they’re both whip smart, adventurous, and philanthropic. Their rustic wedding at a ranch in Colorado suited them perfectly, and their first dance to I Choose You showed off their athleticism and charm. My only teeny tiny regret? That no one would see Sarah’s crazy beautiful legs under the wedding gown!


Lift during Sarah & Jason’s first dance

Sarah & Jason’s first dance had to have a lift!

Couple laughing


Oblique line in Sarah & Jason’s first dance


Practicing a dip in Sarah & Jason’s first dance


Small details can make a huge difference in how a dance looks and feels. Notice how often a seemingly small adjustment changed everything. And since they both took direction wonderfully, their improvement was usually rapid.


Hands on feedback!


Sarah and Jason also ticked all the boxes for a great first dance – start early, practice often, cooperate – and it shows in how polished they look.

[Apologies for the poor quality video, but you can still see how great they did.]

Thanks to the dream team!

Photographer: Taylor Jones Photography

Wedding Planner:  Cynthia Zipperly

Band: Raising Cain

[Note: Although they did play for the first dance, due to technical issues the audio in the video isn’t them.]

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Wherever you are baby, that’s where I want to be.

couple turning to look at each other playfully - a line in Hayley & Max's first dance

So darn cute!

I know they got tired of hearing me say it, but this couple is just so adorable! You can see just by looking at them that they’re sweet and bubbly, so we tried to make Hayley & Max’s first dance just as fun as they are. A mashup of bachata and push-pull swing with a sprinkling of quirky lines did the trick.


Hayley & Max's first dance - couple dancing at wedding in gown and tuxedo

Hayley & Max’s First Dance

They looked so gorgeous (but still cute) in gown and tux. Plus she gets extra credit for being able to dance in that dress!


Hayley & Max's First Dance - she is facing him and smiling

Look at that smile!

You can tell they put in the work by how happy and relaxed they looked while dancing. The biggest difference between a good first dance and a great first dance is practice.


Having fun while preparing for their first dance.

Even when they’re concentrating on picking up the steps, you can see how much fun they’re having, and how much they enjoy working on it together.


It’s all starting to come together.

I included this video of one of the practices after the choreography was complete so that you could see the whole first dance. Notice that we have Hayley wearing a practice skirt so they both can get used to the feel of fabric swishing around their legs. 


Hayley & Max’s First Dance 

Seeing them happily dancing together while hearing Max speak his vows brings a tear to my eye every time (sniff), but as you can see from these clips, their first dance turned out beautifully.


So, is it what your expected? 

I love how Max admits that he expected lessons to be a big waste of time, and then quickly came to enjoy them. They both ended up looking forward to dancing as a way to blow off some steam when wedding planning was too overwhelming.


Thanks to the dream team!

Venue: Speed Art Museum (Louisville, KY)

Photographer: Bella Grace Studios

Videographer: Films by Tatiana

Wedding Planner: A Thorough Fare


Three easy ways to find out how we can help you with your first dance.

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Might just be my everything.

Somehow this pair manages to be both elegant and laid back, which made them super fun to work with. Of course, their first dance turned out beautifully, but what I really love is that you can see how much fun they’re having while they do it.

Enjoying learning together.


So Smooth!


We can reach for the stars we find along the way …






I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a Disney princess. You know the kind of woman who has her own tiara and isn’t afraid to rock it in public? And since both bride and groom are carriage drivers, the wedding also included a dog and a horse! Who could ask for more?





It takes a lot of hard work (and a little glitter) to go from awkward …


… to amazing!


He’s definitely swept her off her feet!


So much laughter! That’s what I remember most about this fun couple. But don’t let that fool you. We created a challenging first dance for them, and as you’ll see, they put the work in. Gorgeous!


Hard work and lots of laughs.



… I’ll spend loving you.



“If we’re going to be awkward, at least we’ll be awkward together” is one of the sweetest things I’ve overheard in a lesson. For better or worse, right? And although they did struggle a bit at first, with patience and practice they had a lovely first dance in the end.


The Struggle …


… and the Reward.

You’re just too good to be true…








These two cuties were sweet and easy to work with and I could listen to her lilting Trinidadian accent all day. And as if that wasn’t enough, sometimes they brought their adorable fur baby to watch!



…makes the dream work.


But everything’s gonna be all right …









This couple is a total swipe right – fun, photogenic, and fabulous! They brought a lot of joy to their lessons, and you can see it in their super fun first dance.

Lifts are tricky, but with lots of instruction and practice they can be worth it.


I think I just met my wife.



I can only give you love that lasts forever…



Every first dance should showcase the personalities of the couple. In this case she’s sassy and he’s suave. That was enough to get us rolling. But when we found out that he is a serious hat aficionado, we knew we could really have some fun. Don’t let how easy they made it look fool you. Working with a prop of any kind is tricky and they did an amazing job.


As confidence grows.


It all comes together!