Why do we have three different blogs? We like to think it’s because we have a lot going on, and we want to make sure you find exactly what you need to inspire you on your dancing journey. So whether you’re a dance hobbyist looking for information, an engaged couple staring down a first dance, or an empty nester who’s always dreamed of learning to dance, we have….

A Blog for Everyone

Browse one (or all) of our blogs for fun and inspiration. Enjoy photos,videos, and articles that will inform, entertain, and inspire you as you pursue your dance dreams. 


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Photos & Videos


Our photos and videos will give you a peek at who we are. We hope you enjoy seeing students of all levels, staff, and sometimes even random members of the public, dancing at shows, parties, and special events.

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Ballroom Blog

Articles About Dancing

We want to answer your questions and provide helpful information about ballroom dancing. Your questions and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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Wedding Stories

First Dance Videos

See real couples working on their perfect first dance. Check out the learning process (so you’ll know what to expect), and then see how it all turned out. We have lots of different songs, styles of dance, and personalities to choose from. Look for the ones that suits your vibe and inspire you.

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